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we're still here!

Wow, it's been a very long time since we've said anything here...but our silence doesn't mean we're gone forever. Far from it! In fact, last night, we had a new members meeting where we inducted Hot Toddy, "Mitzy" Green River, Salty Dog, and one more new member yet to be named! Welcome ladies...just in time, too!

We are hard at work gearing up for Women's History Onslaught 2005 in March but we will be taking time to celebrate our successes(and also to lament our personal tragedies, of which there seemed to be too many this year!) at the THIRD ANNUAL LUPEC HOLIDAY PARTY.

We'll be holding court at the Lava Lounge on the Southside from 7pm-10pm on Friday, December 17th. As usual, we have comissioned Del to create a new cocktail in honor of an unsung heroine of Pittsburgh history. This year's honoree is Mrs Jane (Jennie) Ferguson Wood, embalmer of ladies and children. Mrs Wood was the first woman to get a mortician's licence in Allegheny County, in the 1890's, and she operated the funeral home in Oakland for several decades after her husband's death.

We hope you'll join us to see what delights Del creates in honor of the lady undertaker, as well as sample some of our most popular cocktails from parties and events we've held this year: The HopToad, The Cointreau-a-go-go, and (appropriately) The Call The Undertaker. We'll have party favors, cookies and treats, the traditional LUPEC propaganda, and sparkling and witty company. What more could you ask for?

Hope to see you there.
xoxoxo Brandy"You're A Fine Girl" Alexander
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